Code for Sustainable Homes Scrapped

Code for Sustainable Homes Scrapped

This March, the Government announced a drastic simplifying of the vast array of standards and regulations that currently apply to anyone custom building a new home.

Basically, the Code for Sustainable Homes will be phased out, although many of its better recommendations and guidelines shall live on by being incorporated into the Building Regulations.

A year-long Housing Standards Review, which formed part of the Government’s self-imposed initiative to cut red tape and get the country building more new homes, will ensure all the required standards are kept as part of formal Building Regulation.

The raft of additional requirements that have affected self-build and custom build projects in recent years will be merged into one guidance form so that self-builders will have just one point of supervisory contact, i.e. their local Building Control office, to ensure they are meeting all required standards.

The main features of this new bold step forwards include:

  • abolition of requirement for rainwater harvesting in areas that don’t suffer from shortages
  • some Building Regulations become ‘optional’ giving local authorities the ability to localise the way homes in their area are built
  • minimum security standards will be introduced

The Government intends to introduce these changes by the end of 2014.

Critically though, the requirement for all homes to be zero carbon by 2016 stays in place. Not a problem if you’re self-building your new custom home with Robert Wilson Homes of course, since we can already meet that standard with relatively little on-cost. If you’d like to chat to us about your ideas for your project please contact us or call on 07899 951 268.

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