Brick Slips onto ICF

Brick Slips onto ICF

Builder applying brick slips to an ICF wallAs with all ICF (insulating concrete formwork) projects, the final stage of the wall construction process is the external and internal cladding.

The local vernacular here in Lincolnshire is predominately brick, which can pose problems for ICF construction as it often results in having to build a full brick skin on the outside of the ICF structure, resulting in extended build times and a much wider wall (thus reducing interior floor space).

But we seem to have found a nice solution to that, and here it is – the brick slip!

Cut from actual brick, the slips are applied onto a profiled mesh (expanded metal lath), which is pinned back to the concrete core of the ICF system, so it’s very securely fixed. The finished look and feel of the wall is totally authentic, yet doesn’t add more than a couple of centimetres to the wall width.

As an added optional benefit, we can even swap the profiled mesh for a profiled thickness of polystyrene, so that the cladding process adds even further levels of insulation to the home.