Renewable Technology: Solar Heating Hot Water

Renewable Technology: Solar Heating Hot Water

Renewable Technology: Solar Heating Hot Water

Our Middle Rasen new-build is nearing completion of the shell now, so much so that we’ve begun first and second fixes now whilst we wait for the electric company to connect up our other plot in Tealby ready for work there to begin.

This single panel in the photo above will be providing this new property with all its hot water requirements for practically the year round. However, the hot water tank in the services room also has a secondary heating loop powered from the main heating system should there ever be a need a top up the hot water, which is most likely going to be during winter if it does.

We’ve also been careful to ensure that the towel heaters in both en-suites and the main bathroom can be turned on independently of the main heating system. Given that the house is so well insulated, it likely that the main heating system will only be required a handful of times each year. So it’s important to ensure that, in such cases, tower radiators can be turned on without the whole heating system activating.

More Gadgets – Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

Whilst on the subject of modern house systems, we’re also fitting a mobile phone signal booster within the property to maintain network connectivity which otherwise could be affected by the solid concrete walls of the shell. So whatever signal strength happens to be available outside the property will also be available within the property. We’ve been trialing one of these gadgets at our office and it’s worked so well, we’re going to be fitting one to every new home we build from now on as part of the package. After all, it’s good to talk!

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    The solar power is the perfect solution for the future. Solar energy is very clean and exceptionally efficient; by using it, you can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. As more and more people turn to solar energy, less and less greenhouse emissions will be produced. By taking advantage of the power provided by our sun, you can make a difference yourself toward saving our planet without the need to spend a huge amount of time or money for it.

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