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Searching for Building Plots Lincolnshire without Success?

Searching the web for ‘building plots Lincolnshire’ but can’t find anything that looks suitable?  It’s no surprise then that finding the right building plot is the single most common reason why more people don’t build their own home despite wanting to.

This might simply be due to a shortage of building plots being available in the desired location. Or it might be that the thought of buying a plot brings with it a degree of uncertainty:

“When I find a building plot, how can I be sure if it’s really suitable for building my house on?”

“I’ve seen a building plot but I’m not sure what to do next?”

“How do I know what to lookout for when evaluating a plot, I’m worried I might pay too much, or buy something that ends up costing me lots of money to build on?”

“We work full-time and don’t have enough spare time to go hunting for plots that may or may not be suitable for what we want to build.”

Buying Building Plots Lincolnshire with Confidence

So what if you could buy a building plot safe in the knowledge that it had already been evaluated as suitable to build on by an independent expert?

And what if the building plot also came with a fixed price building contract, allowing you to accurately gauge how much the total project was going to cost before you bought the land?

Well, that’s what we refer to as Plot-Build.

We are constantly in the process of forming relationships with plot owners across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire to combine their land sale with one of our fixed price building packages. That includes planning permission, site preparation works,  utilities to site, and either a shell-only type build, or a full turnkey package depending on your preference.

These building plots come with detailed planning permission already in place for various types and styles of property.  However, with assistance from our Architectural Designer and Planning Consultant, these house designs can still be customised internally and to some extent even externally, subject to the planning approval. For more information, register your email address at the top of the page.