Why Self-Build Your Own Home?

If you are looking to self-build your new home in or around the Lincolnshire / Nottinghamshire region, we can help.

Woman smiling in her new selfbuilt custom home

At Robert Wilson Homes, we recognise that self-builders have different needs and aspirations to those who simply want to buy a new home ‘ready-made’. Every self-build is unique, so we focus in providing a range of services to suit the self-builder.

We provide both weathertight and turnkey options, which may vary depending upon how much work you want to manage yourself. We also provide a range of support services such as providing help with finding a suitable building plot, architectural and engineering design services, and advice on finances and how to get the most from your budget.

Self-building allows you the opportunity to build to a better standard of quality and performance, and with this in mind we specialise in using modern methods of construction that will give significant improvements in energy efficiency and comfort compared to traditional building, without costing the earth!

How to Obtain A Free Quotation to Build Your Own Home

Whether you are building a new home or extending, if you have your planning drawings available, please feel free to send a copy to us – our Contact Us page details how.

Alternatively, if you haven’t engaged a designer yet then speak to us before you do, as we can organise design services as part of our package, which will save you time and money.