Sustainability and the Environment

Reducing Our Impact on the Environment

Like many other house builders, we recognise the need to build homes that are sustainable, i.e. homes that will not impact negatively on future generations.

In the UK, and across Europe, heating homes accounts for over one third of the oil we use. With that in mind, our commitment as a modern house builder is to do everything possible to minimise the impact of our housing on the environment and on the consumption of our natural resources.

During construction we strive to use local resources where possible to minimise the impact of transportation. We build our homes to be draft free, warm and energy efficient, with solid walls that can absorb excess heat during the day to release it back into the house at night as the temperature drops, softening the heating/cooling cycle.

This is one of the key reasons why we recommend and support the choice of using modern construction methods as a predictable, reliable, cost-effective way to achieve the desired performance requirements.